Donating all booking proceeds to
 MMP sketchers for Nurses Fund!

How it all started...

For the entire month of March my head had been filled with worry for our community, our state, our country, and our future, still does.... I sat here at my desk wondering what I, a one woman show, could to do help make an impact in helping her community??  Well at the end of March I met a family through Washington Township Neighbors Magazine, a magazine that I'm the photographer for. This man, John Chirico and his family started an amazing local group called @Food4Staff - Local Food for EMS STAFF - Donate to feed hospital employees 

They help support local restaurants with their purchases and feeding our local hospital employees good, hot meals. Bringing a little bit of a joy to our front liners during such a difficult time.

Help show your local healthcare and essential workers you're #stayinghome for them by scheduling #themmpfrontporchproject !

 If you want to donate more the option will be there on the quote that will be sent to you.

All payments at time of booking will be donated to 

@Food4Staff - Local Food for EMS STAFF - Donate to feed hospital employees.

Once a week I will make a donation and share with you all how much of a difference WE made each week in our community helping feed our hospital employees! 

It's also important to state that I appreciate any and all essential employees, from postal, grocery, pharmacy, fuel, fast food, truckers etc. I appreciate you ALL and can't express the amount of gratitude I have for you risking you and your family on a daily for us to receive things we need. I currently chose to donate to Healthcare workers because they are especially important for their braveness on the front lines to help heal us. We need healthcare workers to survive. Thank you so much to everybody, there is so much more I wish I could do to help our community.

The Project's accomplishments

From April 1st to June 11th 2020:
Food4Staff Donations: over $9,000
Donations to fire relief for 2 local families: $1600
The MMP Front Porch Project lasted from April to June 2020
THANK YOU so much for everyone that donated!

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