As you can tell by my portraits, lighting effects editing and style of portraits you're looking for. If you want the BEST beach portraits, I HIGHLY suggest booking the 8 pm hour. If you have little ones, I understand with little ones it is tough to keep them together for a session from 8 pm to 9 pm (or a mini session). However, with my style photography, we don't need to worry so much about the child looking at me and smiling. I capture in the moment portraits of you and your children playing, running, cuddling up to one another. We try to keep it as candid and quick as possible in between spots on the beach which keeps the little ones interested and going through the session. 
If the 8 pm hour is not good for you, but you still want beach portraits, NO PROBLEM, Pick a certain beach with some shaded areas, and the sun behind you, and we'll be okay! 

Lighting is everything

things to know before you book

Whenever I get asked which beach I prefer, I instantly say Cape May. Why? Because it's on the point of New Jersey, away from the crowds and boardwalks.
It is the only beach in New Jersey that has a "Sunset Beach' that is directly off of the Atlantic.
Choosing a time the isn't sunset? No problem! With the positioning of the sun, I can capture your family in spots on the beach with the sun behind you with problem.
The area I visit has plenty of shaded spots and paths as well giving for multiple background options in your portraits.

Cape May, New Jersey


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